ALMA is a dedicated health and wellbeing website developed by Cheshire and Merseyside for Cheshire and Merseyside.


This is a difficult time, and many of us will need some extra help and support with our mental wellbeing. With ALMA, you can access a range of intensive online therapy courses that have been developed by medical professionals to help you work on your mental wellbeing.

You’ll be given personalised recommendations about how to improve your mental health and wellbeing and you’ll keep a log of your progress.

These courses are 100% FREE for those living and working in Cheshire and Merseyside.


Your phone’s App Store has hundreds of thousands of health and wellbeing apps, but which ones would a medical professional recommend?

We take the stress away by reviewing and evaluating these apps for their clinical effectiveness, so you know that they’ll work for you.

Visit ALMA to read a medical professional’s evaluation of popular apps and discover the new and emerging app that might just change your life!

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